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Dr. Kraft is a Qualified Medical Evaluator in Oxnard and conducts QME evaluations and also acts as a Workers' Compensation treating physician. He can treat as both your Primary Treating Physician or referral from another doctor as your Secondary Treating Physician. The following is some information to help you understand the Workers Compensation process.
The QME is a physician or other health care practitioner licensed in California who has passed all requirements set forth by the California Industrial Medical Council (IMC). A QME may be an M.D., D.C., D.O., D.D.S., D.P.M., or Ph.D. Doctors with an appointment as a QME must pass the QME Competency Examination.

Interestingly, some acupuncturists are QMEs in California, but state law does not permit them to perform disability evaluations in their capacity as QMEs. Further, acupuncturists can also perform evaluations in the role of treating physicians, but they cannot determine disability or apportionment for compensation purposes.

Injuries occurring at work have very specific laws and regulations concerning treatment. Ask your employer if you can see Dr. Kraft for any musculoskeletal injuries you may suffer. Dr. Kraft is on multiple Medical Provider Panels and understands the appropriate documentation required. The treatment you receive is based on MTUS and other Evidence-Based Guidelines. Tell your Worker’s Compensation carrier that Dr. Kraft promptly and expeditiously completes DFRIs, PR-2’s, PR-4’s, Physician's Return-to-Work, and Voucher Reports, etc.

Workers Compensation in Oxnard

California State Law provides for the regulation and resolution of disputes regarding work-related injuries. If you have been injured at work, your employer or their insurance carrier may dispute your injury, or you may disagree with the findings of your medical provider.

In either event, California Law provides for either side to receive an unbiased medical examination by a QME to help determine the facts of the case. You may also request a QME examination if your employer or their insurance carrier have denied your claim of injury.
Either party may contest the findings of your treating doctor. Here is an example of a possible dispute leading to a QME examination:

  1. If your injury has resulted in a permanent loss of your work capacity your employer/insurer may dispute the disability findings of your treating doctor. You may then be asked to submit to a QME examination.
  2. If YOU disagree with the findings of your treating physician's permanent and stationary report, you may request a QME examination from the California Industrial Medical Council (IMC). You may also request a new QME if you disagree with the findings of a QME which the insurance carrier had you undergo.
  3. You may require more than one QME examination. For example, if your workplace accident resulted in both serious back and medication-induced stomach problems, you may require a QME from both a chiropractor or orthopedist and an internal medicine physician!

FAq's about Qualified Medical Evaluators (QME’s)

Qualified medical evaluators (QME’s) or agreed medical evaluators (AME’s) examine injured workers to determine the benefits they will receive if there is a disagreement over the treating physician’s opinions.

QME’s are physicians licensed to practice in CA as medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, psychologists, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, or acupuncturists and are certified by the Division of Workers’ Compensation Medical Unit to perform medical/legal evaluations.

AME’s are physicians selected by agreement between the defense and applicant’s attorneys to perform medical/legal evaluations in a workers’ compensation case. AME’s are only used if the injured worker is represented by an attorney.


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